Training Overview

PHP framework CodeIgniter Course will enable you to build your own applications in literally no time with advanced PHP programming. CodeIgniter PHP framework is a PHP web application development framework based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) patter, which allows you to easily separate data from application logic and visual presentation. There are a number of benefits of CodeIgniter course like you can develop php website with best framework for php where you will get amazing performance, required no configuration, doesn't have to stick with the normal coding rules and many more.

Training Objectives
We will teach you how to develop interactive websites with PHP framework CodeIgniter.
  • Join the course to learn advanced PHP programming with CodeIgniter framework and invigorate you career.
  • Building a Inventory System with Calendar, Customers Management, Account Management, Inventory Management, Invoices Management and Expenses Management.
  • Ajax & jQuery Design
  • SSL and email server.
  • Online payment methods PayPal Standard and
  • Individual / Group Project using PHP framework CodeIgniter with MySQL.
  • Prerequisites
  • All PHP framework CodeIgniter Course attendees must have basic knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP Programming.

Hands-On/Lecture Ratio

This training class is 80% hands-on, 20% lecture. Students learn by doing, with immediate opportunities to apply the material they learn to real-world problems.
Training Materials
All related software and lecture sheets and free e-book will provide in class.

Training Outline
Basic PHP with Framework
  • About PHP & MySQL
  • Advantage of using Framework
  • Introducing CodeIgniter Framework
  • Create first project with CodeIgniter Framework
  • CodeIgniter Framework - Basic DB & Client Side Validation

Active Record Class:
- Insert Data
Client Side Validation
CodeIgniter Framework - Server Side Validation & Image Verification
Server side validation
Captcha image verification
CodeIgniter Framework - Advanced Database with Session & Email System
Active Record Class:
- Selecting Data
Email system
DB Normalization
Active Record Class:
- Method Chaining- Deleting Data
Database Normalization
DB Relationship & Model Description
Active Record Class:
- Updating Data
Database relationship
Database Model Description
Advanced PHP Framework with Methods, Classes & Cooke
Basic database design concept
CodeIgniter Methods
CodeIgniter Classes
CodeIgniter Framework - SSL, Email Manager
Lecture on secure path SSL
Email Manager
CodeIgniter Framework - File Upload & Online Payment Method
Include file & file upload
PayPal Standard
Ajax Basics
HTTP Request and Response Fundamentals
The XMLHttpRequest Object
XMLHttpRequest Methods
XMLHttpRequest Properties
Cross-Browser Usage
Sending a Request to the Server
Basic Ajax Example
Ajax with server side scripting language
Bringing in the Ajax: GET vs. POST
Passing Values
Client-Driven Communication, Server-Side Processing
Basic Examples
Expanding and Contracting Content
Form Validation
Tool Tips
jQuery Basics with Example & Selectors
About jQuery
How jQuery Works
jQuery: The Basics
Launching Code and Complete Examples
Using selectors and events
Basics & Hierarchy
Basic, Content, Visibility, Attribute & Child Filters
Forms & Form Filters

Building a Inventory System
Home – Text Box
Calendar – Add Event
Calendar - Add most important things
Calendar - Follow-up
Calendar – Week view
Building a Inventory System 

Customers - View customers
Customers - View contacts
Customers – Add new
Customers – Import Customers
Customers - Tell a friend
Building a Inventory System 

My Account - My profile
My Account – Change Password
My Account – Cancel Membership
My Account - Submit testimonials
My Account - Submit suggestions
My Account - Submit tips
My Account - Tell a friend
My Account – Download Brochure
Building a Inventory System

Inventory – My Inventory
Inventory – My Inventory: Personal Product
Invoices – View Invoices
Invoices – Create Invoice
Building a Inventory System

Expenses – Expenses
Expenses – Income
Expenses – Add Income